Sunday, August 9, 2009

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

I'm finally participating in some Saturday night fun, even though it is Sunday afternoon. Our instructions from Randy Seaver were to:

"1) List your 16 great-great-grandparents in pedigree chart order. List their birth and death years and places.

"2) Figure out the dominant ethnicity or nationality of each of them.

"3) Calculate your ancestral ethnicity or nationality by adding them up for the 16 - 6.25% for each (obviously, this is approximate).

"4) If you don't know all 16 of your great-great-grandparents, then do it for the last full generation you have.

"5) Write your own blog post, or make a comment on Facebook or in this post."

Here are mine:

Fifth Generation (Great Great-Grandparents)

1. Daniel Russell, son of Benjamin Russell and Martha Dayton, was born on 31 Jul 1824 in Naples, Ontario County, New York and died on 29 Mar 1902 in Manchester, Delaware County, Iowa at age 77. Daniel married Maria Hunter on 23 Sep 1847. Daniel next married Mary Jane Wing, daughter of Stephen L. Wing and Mary Hayes, on 11 Oct 1857. (England)

2. Maria Hunter, daughter of George Hunter and Deborah Silsbee, was born on 13 Apr 1822 in Steuben Co, NY and died on 4 May 1857 in Pike, Wyoming Co, NY at age 35. Maria married Daniel Russell on 23 Sep 1847. (England)

3. Enos Newcomb, son of John Newcomb and Betsey Kallam, was born on 30 Jan 1815 in Montrose, Susquehanna Co, PA, died on 11 Apr 1891 in Greeley, Delaware, Iowa, USA at age 76, and was buried on 14 Apr 1891 in Delaware, Iowa, USA. Enos married Susan Ann Westervelt on 12 Feb 1845. Enos next married Margaret Hutton on 14 Mar 1866. (England)

4. Susan Ann Westervelt was born on 9 Mar 1823 in Bergen, New Jersey(?), USA and died on 2 Apr 1863 in Montrose, Susquehanna Co, PA at age 40. Susan married Enos Newcomb on 12 Feb 1845. (Holland)

5. William West, son of Daniel West and Mary, was born on 28 Mar 1818 in Pickaway Co, OH and died on 11 Jun 1881 in Decatur, Iowa, at age 63. William married Elizabeth Robison on 16 Nov 1843 in Pickaway Co, OH. (England)

6. Elizabeth Robison, daughter of Isaac Robison and Ann Humes, was born on 22 Dec 1822 in Pike Co, OH and died on 13 Jul 1893 in Decatur, Iowa, USA at age 70. Elizabeth married William West on 16 Nov 1843 in Pickaway Co, OH. (England)

7. Diamond Whittecar, son of Nathaniel Whittecar and Elizabeth Shepherd, was born on 1 Oct 1819 in Cumberland County, New Jersey and died on 8 May 1895 in Casper, Natrona Co, WY at age 75. Diamond married Melissa Donaldson on 31 Dec 1840 in Madison Co, OH. (England)

8. Melissa Donaldson was born on 28 Dec 1822 in OH and died on 30 May 1903 in Saline Co, KS at age 80. Melissa married Diamond Whittecar on 31 Dec 1840 in Madison Co, OH. (England)

9. Unknown Jones, born in Wales (Wales)

10. Unknown, born in Wales (Wales)

11. Daniel Davis was born Cal 21 May 1822 in Wales, died on 11 Jun 1896 in Chariton, Missouri, USA about age 74, and was buried in Bynumville, Chariton, Missouri, USA. Daniel married Jane Williams. (Wales)

12. Jane Williams, was born on 12 Jul 1818 in Wales, died on 19 Sep 1913 in Chariton, Missouri, USA at age 95, and was buried on 20 Sep 1913 in Bynumville, Chariton, Missouri, USA. Jane married Daniel Davis. (Wales)

13. John Worth, son of John Worth and Elizabeth, was born on 28 Dec 1815 in Harberton, Devon, Eng, died on 6 Dec 1893 in Loup Co, NE at age 77, and was buried on 7 Dec 1893 in Almeria Cemetery, Loup County, Nebraska. John married Ann Dugdale on 5 May 1845 in Harberton, Devon, England. (England)

14. Ann Dugdale, daughter of George Dugdale and Grace Angel, was born on 14 Jun 1822 in Berry Pomeroy, Devon, England, died on 20 May 1884 in Loup Co, NE at age 61, and was buried in the Almeria Cemetery, Loup Co, Nebraska. Ann married John Worth on 5 May 1845 in Harberton, Devon, England. (England)

15. Charles F Swift, son of Charles Swift and Lydia, was born in 1829 in New York, died on 19 Jan 1863 in Louisville, Jefferson Co, KY at age 34, and was buried on 20 Jan 1863 in Cave Hill National Cemetery, Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky. Charles married Eunice Calista Robinson on 25 May 1850 in Richfield Twp, Summit Co, OH. (England)

16. Eunice Calista Robinson, daughter of Aaron Robinson and Rachel Walker, was born on 12 Jun 1832 in Cleveland, Cuyahoga Co, OH and died on 14 Oct 1906 in Westerville, Custer County, Nebraska at age 74. Eunice married Charles F Swift on 25 May 1850 in Richfield Twp, Summit Co, OH. Eunice next married Alanson Platt Hurlburt on 25 Dec 1866 in Rushville, Schuyler County, Illinois. (England)

England (including Scotland and some Scots who lived in Ireland for three or four generations): 68.75%
Wales: 25%
Holland: 6.25%

There are bits of French further back, but mostly I’m English/Welsh American. Rainy days make me feel cozy and relaxed and I attribute this to my English ancestors!

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