Friday, April 30, 2010

Foto Friday

Foto Friday
My sister and I are going through mom's photo albums - about 30 or so of them - and I want to share some on Foto Friday. The photos in the albums we're working on now were taken in the 1970s and 80s. Photos in the 70s were taken when we lived on mom's old home place in Loup County.

Mom loved it when her kids and grandkids came to visit so what better way to start what I hope will be a weekly feature than with a photo them (as of April 24, 1977). Of course we are missing Melisa, (1973-74). Anyway. Here they are: Kendall, Cami, Amy, Lori, Travis, Yvonne, Tara, Jerold, Debra, Joy.

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  1. Nice Mary! I love the little girl 3rd from left who is crying - there's always one who doesn't want their picture taken :)