Friday, July 23, 2010

Foto Friday

Hugh Russell

This isn't the best quality picture but mom captured an action photo here. (It's large so you can see dad in the tree.) This was on the Miller Place about 1967 and our rope swing had broken. All spring Dad was too busy to put up another one. His cousins, Verleen and Fay Sams (Fay was a man's name in the last century) and their kids visited us one day and Fay convinced dad it was time to put up the swing. (I think that is the back of Fay's head at the bottom of the photo.) So here is dad, age about 55, climbing a tree and tying a rope to what looks like a branch with the outer limb broken off. The deal with rope swings is that you leave the swing up until it rots off because of rain and snow, then replace it. The seat is a 1 by 4 or 6 or whatever, with notches carved into the sides, usually by a drill since this leaves a nice half-circle into which fits the rope. Usually the seat remained in the swing even when we weren't using it.

We had two rope swing locations on the Miller Place (not at the same time). This was just west of the house. I remember swinging here and looking at the orange tiger lilies that were along the edge of the house and in the spring the peonies bloomed further north along the sidewalk.

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