Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Tapes Return

Last week I received the tapes and copies of them on DVD. They've been copied and cleaned up and sound ok, considering the shape they were in. The 1978 tape was cheap to begin with and I think I recorded music on it first and recorded the interview over it. Add to that the fact that I didn't have a microphone and used the built-in's no wonder it's still, after being treated by an "audio doctor", almost impossible to hear 50% of the words. As I listen, though, the conversation we had that day comes back to me and I'm able to recall a lot of what dad said.

The 1983 tape comes with a bonus...or really, two bonuses. I taped it at my parent's house while I was visiting them with my two oldest kids. In the background I can hear Liz talking and I can hear Ben making baby sounds...she was about 3 and he was less than 1 year old. If I knew how to imbed an audio clip, I would include one here.

Oh well.

I'm just glad they are home safe and sound (no pun intended!). Now to transcribe and work on a book I've had in mind for a while now about dad.

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