Sunday, July 19, 2009

What I'm Working On

1. Luther Kallam. Ordered his Compiled Military Service Record from the National Archives last week. I have his pension papers which say that he was with Washington's army at White Plains and again at Trenton. I hope first of all that there is a CMSR for him and that it gives lots of good information. There is one source that says he was at the Boston Tea Party. But since he was 13 years old and lived in Connecticut in 1773 when the party happened...very unlikely! (Russell Family Tree)

2. Frank Wahl. Around the first week of August, I should be receiving a copy of the coroner's inquest for Frank Wahl, who was murdered in 1883. Apparently it is 36 pages long so that should make for some interesting reading. (Mayfield Family Tree)

3. Enos Newcomb. Thanks to a great volunteer in Delaware County, Iowa, I now know when Enos Newcomb died. That blank on the pedigree chart has been mocking me for years so it was good to get it filled in. Now I need to find his grave. I've checked the usual Internet sources and so I think I'll have to go a different route. (Russell Family Tree)

4. Luther Kallam, James Russell, and Jacob Dayton. Ordered a digital copy of their wills from on June 7. Haven't heard anything from this company and I hesitate to ask. It's been 6 weeks so maybe I'll give this one a two-month deadline before I try to get in touch with him. (Russell Family Tree)

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