Thursday, September 3, 2009

Project update

I think it's time to update my list of current projects.

- I received a CD from the National Archives with the Compiled Military Service Record for Luther Kallam. It shows his Connecticut service from 5 July to 13 Dec 1780. I want to order again, asking for records from Rhode Island because this would not have been the time when the battles at White Plains, Trenton and Princeton were fought. I'm not sure why he would have served from Rhode Island when he was born in Connecticut but his application for pension says that he enlisted under Lt. Reuben Hewit of the Rhode Island State Troops at Stonington in February or March of 1776. I'm looking for verification of this. (Russell Family Tree)

- Not only did I receive the coroner's report for Frank Wahl, I also ordered and just received last week the coroner's report for his murderer, August Duenkel. There's a story I need to write and post soon. (Mayfield Family Tree)

- I haven't received a copy of Enos Newcombs death record from the volunteer in Iowa but I think I have enough information to apply for DAR membership. (Russell Family Tree)

- I received both books I ordered from They are of excellent quality and considering the length of one of the books, it wasn't a long process to get them. I will definitely order from them again.

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