Thursday, October 22, 2009

Climbing Trees

Too busy flushing ancestors out of ancestry trees to post! I'm working on the Luther Kallam family. With help from the Susquehanna County PA Genealogical Society, Google books and, I've been able to discover information about most of his 8 children and some of his grandchildren. I'm preparing several letters to send to various courthouses and genealogical societies, because, of course, not everything is on the 'net. And besides, I LOVE to get snail mail! Of course, the ultimate research is on-site, but I don't see that happening for a few years at least.

Sometimes when I post like this, I feel like I'm just giving a teaser and not anything of substance to those who may be interested. So let me add 3 tidbits about Luther Kallam.

1. He joined Lippitt's Regiment, Capt. Simeon Martin's Company of the Rhode Island State Troops in September of 1776. (Revolutionary War) He was 16 years old. (His surname was spelled Cillum.)

2. Two of his 8 children preceded him in death, Samuel in 1815 and Lucy (Kallam) Ramsey in 1822.

3. According to his obituary, "four aged gentlemen were pallbearers one of whom, Mr. Eseck Thayre was a revolutionary soldier." Luther was 86 when he died. I wonder how old the pallbearers were.

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