Sunday, November 8, 2009

Saturday Night Genealogy Fun

Got too wrapped up in the Husker game last night to post. So here it is a day late:

Our assignment was to "Find out the geographical distribution of your surname". According to Public Profiler:

Australia has the most Russell's per Million: 1630.7
Top City: Glasgow, Scotland

Australia has the most Ferguson's per Million: 1057.92
Top City: Glasgow, Scotland

United States has the most Mayfield's per Million: 99.9
Top City worldwide: Nottingham, England
TOp U.S. city: Memphis, Tennessee

And my most elusive ancestor name, Westervelt
United States has the most Westervelt's per Million: 10.3
Top Regions: Kansas
2nd Region: New Jersey
Top City: Columbus, Kansas
2nd city: Aalten, Netherlands
New Jersey being 2nd is interesting because I believe that is where my ancestor Susan Ann Westervelt Newcomb was born. Apparently there are still many living there, probably all cousins. Wonder if any of the Kansas Westervelts would have any clues about my elusive Susan's ancestry!

And for those of you with an interest in this name:
United States has the most Hollowell's per million: 21.13
Top Region: North Carolina
Top City: Northampton, England
2nd most popular forename: John
4th most popular forename: James


  1. Mary,
    First of all, I wanted to give you my condolences on the passing of your mother, it was very sad news.

    I just ran across this site while doing a little research. I really appreciate all of the information. I am your aunt Nellie's great-grandson. I have always been interested in genealogy, and I was fascitated by some of your research, so thank you!

    Brady Cone

  2. Brady,
    I went to school at West End with your dad. Would it surprise you to know that he was a bit onery!?!

    Thank you for your comment. It's good to know others are looking at the blog and that you are also interested in genealogy.