Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Veteran Roll Call (through WWI)

I put this together quickly for Veteran's Day. I'm sure there are others who served and I will add them as I find them. This is from research done before 11 Nov 2009.

Russell / Jones Family Tree

War of Independence

Luther Kallam, enlisted at age 16, served with Lippet's Rhode Island Regiment, Captain Simeon Martin's Company, September 1776 through the end of January 1777; crossed the Delaware River with Washington and fought in the battles of Trenton and Princeton; re-enlisted in 7 Connecticut Regiment, Capt. Ebenezer Hill's Company (This company was designated at various times as Captain Elizur Warner's, Capt. Ebenezer Hills' Capt. Charles Miel's, Capt. Stephen Billings' and 8th Company.)

John Newcomb, conductor of express, using teams and wagons to transport supplies from Connecticut to the Continental Army.

Civil War

Daniel Russell, enlisted at age 38 to serve as a chaplain; returned home after a few months because of bad health

John Jones, enlisted as a substitute for Josiah Swank, mustered out at Petersburg, Virginia; served 23 Sep 1864 - 20 Jun 1865

Charles Swift, husband of Eunice, father of five, was a private in Company F, commanded by Captain William H. Marble in the 85th Regiment of the Illinois Infantry Volunteers. He died in the service at Louisville, Kentucky on 20 January 1863 of disease; buried at Cave Hill National Cemetery, Louisville, Jefferson, Kentucky.

World War I

Benjamin T. Russell, enlisted at age 40, 11 May 1918 at Grand Island, Nebraska; honorable discharge at Camp Dodge, Iowa 6 Aug 1919; served in France.

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