Thursday, December 24, 2009

Almeria, Nebraska

The Grand Island Independent had an article last week in their Silver Salute section on the town of Almeria, Nebraska. Almeria is 10 miles west of Taylor on Highway 91. Some of the names mentioned in the article include Bill and Hilma Strong, Strohl, Rusho, Haythorne, Beals, Nelson, Hyde and many others.

I remember stopping at the Almeria store a few times. I remember skating at the roller rink on the west side of town. We had some school skating parties there where all the area schools were invited. One time I even got up the courage to ask a boy to skate with me...don't ask his name because I don't remember! We went around once and then he tried to impress his friends by seeing if he could scare me by going faster and faster. He didn't scare me and I didn't fall! I especially remember my shock at seeing my dad, who, as a boy, was doing a man's work when he should have been learning to have fun, strap the skates on to his second best Sunday shoes, and take off around the rink like it was the most natural thing in the world. Bless his heart, that was one of the only times I saw dad have fun and probably the first time I realized he had a life before I came along. I was probably 9 or 10.

The Almeria Cemetery is the final resting place of three generations of our ancestors. Frank and Lizzie (Worth) Jones, George and Flora (Swift) Worth, and John and Ann (Dugdale) Worth. Also Uncle Ed Worth and Uncle Will Jones. It is a small and well maintained cemetery south of the highway about a mile.

This was a great article and a pleasure to read. I always appreciate it when Kevin Brown writes about the history of Loup County.

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