Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas Birthdays

Browsing through my Legacy Family Tree files I find the following Christmas birthdays:

cousin Merritt turns 13 today

December 25 birthdays include:

Mary Ann Ferguson Dalrymple, great grand-aunt of my Ferguson siblings. She was born 25 Dec 1855 in Gage County, Nebraska.

Nina Louise Pirnie, daughter of George and Agnes Pirnie, our 3rd cousin. She was born 25 Dec 1935 and lived one month and one day, dying 26 Jan 1936. (Jones/Worth)

Edna Swift, born 25 Dec 1886, in Wayland, Illinois, 1st cousin twice removed. (Jones/Worth)

Russell Worth, born 25 Dec 1913, Almeria, Nebraska, 1st cousin once removed. (Jones/Worth)

And those who passed away on Christmas day:

Rosetta Ferguson Shephardson, 2003, Hemet, California (Ferguson)
George West, 1824, Pickaway County, Ohio (Russell)

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