Sunday, March 14, 2010

Christmas in March!

I am the recipient of an Act of Genealogical Kindness! "Dexter's Girl" read my blog and decided to help me out with some research. The deal was that she would do the research and I would act like it is Christmas when I receive the information from her. So Merry Christmas to me! I truly appreciate her help ESPECIALLY because she did this with her little ones in tow. Now that's a dedicated family tree climber!

One of the many things she discovered is the following, a mention of the death of Enos Newcomb: "An aged gentleman, the father of Mr. Newcomb, who resided near town, died very suddenly on Saturday afternoon, from heart failure. Funeral services were held Tuesday at the school-house north-east of Manchester." ~Manchester Press, Friday, April 17, 1891 (issue 1036), page 3 column 4 . I got the paper copies in the mail yesterday. THANK YOU!

The Mr. Newcomb mentioned is Enos' son, Edwin M. Newcomb, (1861-1944). He and his wife are buried in Mead Cemetery and DG kindly sent photos of their tombstones. The cemetery and a school house are on the same road, in the area where I think Edwin and probably his father lived. Was it the school house where his funeral was held? Was he buried in Manchester as the death register says, or in the Mead Cemetery? Answers always bring more questions. Isn't solving mysteries part of the appeal of researching family history?!?

Thank you DG!!! And Merry Christmas!

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  1. It's always nice to have something done for you like this! What a great Christmas present!