Monday, October 11, 2010

A(nother) New Project

I need a new project! I only have 500 photos of mom's to scan and about that many for another nameless project, since the recipient of that one reads this blog. And then there's getting copies of the Russell archive printed and bound for my aunt, the stories I want to write after being so inspired by the conference this last weekend, plus two boxes of mom's stuff I haven't touched in almost a year, storage unit contents threatening to topple over on me in the living room, a room that's getting painted this week and and and ...

So naturally, with so little to do, I signed up for an online class! My daughter told me about it and I could not resist. It is a Family History Album class at I have often told my co-workers, when they wonder how I know some of the tricks to working in Microsoft Publisher and Word, well, if you are under pressure to learn it, you will! And I have been wanting to learn Photoshop Elements for many months now. And here's my chance. I have two weeks to learn how to create these beautiful family history pages. Well, actually, once you sign up, you have access to the class material and videos forever. But I'm going to ignore that for now and try my best to learn all I can in these two weeks. A good kind of pressure. But this won't be stressful, this will be fun! It will be the frosting on the cake, something to look forward to every evening. Yeah, no stress. Uh huh. Ok. So off I go.

(Daughter dear, I have your number and may be sending you a distress call these sure to have your ringer turned up!)

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