Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goals 2009 - How did I do?

1. Blog once a week.

Failed. Blogged 29 times so far in 2009.

2. Finish re-filing of Family History files; the Russell and Jones sides of the family tree are done, now to do Ferguson; then Mayfield and Hollowell.

Are we ever finished with filing our family history papers? Just when I thought I had the Russell and Jones papers filed, I'm questioning my system and may redo. Need to get this settled before I file the other families. In other words, failed.

3. Put all old family pictures in one place, scan each of them and file in a safe place.

Failed. Didn't touch pictures this year.

4. Find John Jones' parents.

This is getting to be a broken record...failed! Didn't even work on it. Got too consumed with the life and times of Luther Kallam.

5. Discover where in Wales the Davis and Jones families came from and when.


6. Travel to Leavenworth and take photo of John Jones' grave.


One out of six! Oh well!

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